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Jumpstart – An Early Years Symposium returns this year to the Philippines.

Nature Pedagogy forms an important part of a child’s learning experience.  With nature as a medium, children use their senses to explore and direct their educational experiences – goals which are also outlined in teaching approaches such as the Reggio Emilia and Montessori methods.

Join us this October and see how you can use nature to ignite a child’s natural curiosity and mathematical thinking. Learn how you can engage their joy and put it at the heart of curriculum planning and programming so that they feel motivated to discover more.  Explore how you can support all aspects of learning in a multi-sensory and naturally creative environment, and add a whole new dimension to your teaching.

Jumpstart is an Early Years Symposium specially crafted for Early Childhood Leaders, Researchers and Professionals in the Philippines. Our highly-acclaimed speakers are known internationally for excellence in their areas of expertise. Each year, they bring fresh insights along with their latest research and present an unparalleled learning experience to our participants. It is our hope that through this event, the future generation of leaders will be fully equipped to meet the demands of a fast-changing world.

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Symposium Schedule

Opening of Symposium

Professor Sallee Beneke

Keynote 1

An Introduction to the Project Approach   (read full synopsis)

Morning Tea

Professor Sallee Beneke with Professor Chip Donohue

Workshop 1

Finding Out Together: Implementing the Project Approach   (read full synopsis)

Networking Lunch


Professor Chip Donohue

Keynote 2

Developmentally-Informed Technology Integration: Guidance for Early Childhood Educators in the Digital Age   (read full synopsis)

Dialogue / Q&A

Afternoon Tea

Professor Chip Donohue with Professor Sallee Beneke

Workshop 2

Putting the T in STEM and Introducing the Project Approach   (read full synopsis)

About Our Speaker

Claire Warden

Director of Mindstretchers (UK) and Multiple Award-Winning Educational Consultant with a Specialism in Nature Pedagogy

Claire Warden is the Director of Mindstretchers (UK) and Multiple Award-Winning Educational Consultant with a Specialism in Nature Pedagogy. Her experiences have taken her on a pathway that includes working in a variety of types of centre. Claire works locally and internationally as an advisor and lecturer in further education. Mindstretchers (UK) is a dynamic training consultancy founded by Claire. It works in the early years and primary settings, supporting all aspects of learning in a multi-sensory and naturally creative environment. Mindstretchers is also on the consultative committee on the place of Risk in Learning to the Scottish Government.
Claire is the pioneering author of many texts, books and videos focusing on young children’s connection to the natural world. Her latest book, “Learning With Nature – Embedding Outdoor Practice”, has been very well received and is rapidly gaining a place as required reading on many academic education courses. Claire sits in a leadership group of consultants who make up the World Nature Collaborative, a working party of the World Forum Foundation. She has also founded the International Association of Nature Pedagogy to further promote the understanding of how to teach and learn with nature.


Nature Pedagogy: Inside, Outside and Beyond

Nature Pedagogy is a way of working with the natural world that makes human sense through real world learning. It is far more than simply going outside as it invites educators and teachers to use creative, relationship focussed strategies within the context of the natural world. Nature pedagogy focusses on raising the quality of early years provision through following values that guide appearance such as décor, layout and landscape and supports positive relationships. It is the creation of these strong professional values in adults that ensures that the experiences and opportunities for children and families are relevant and place based.  Join Claire Warden as she explores the way that nature pedagogy is presented through a range of models of nature-based education from around the world.

Children’s Theories and Fascinations

In this practical workshop of Talking Tubs we step into a world of fascination as we explore all the possibilities of the elements of the natural world in the Philippines. The joy of rain running off a leaf,  making mud pies or chasing shadows on the grass to provide a context for play and learning. Understand how we can embrace children’s joy and put it at the heart of our planning and programming so that they feel motivated and engaged to discover more.

Motivational Mathematics

Active learning and active maths (ALAN) was a project that Claire lead 15 years ago.  The research that came from this project demonstrated the value of recording children’s own thinking about mathematics in Floorbooks, a form of group documentation. Join her in this seminar to explore some of the possibilities for mathematical thinking that are in the natural world.  Claire will share case studies of practice where children explore mathematics inside, outside and beyond and provide some hands on experiences to see the power of loose parts in the development of problem solving and creative mathematical thinking.

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Symposium Pricing


  1. Online registrations closes on 3 Oct and walk-in registrations will be accepted on-site on 5 Oct at a flat rate of PHP 8,500 across all categories.  Participants are encouraged to register early to enjoy discounted rates.
  2. Cancellations will be accepted up to 31 August 2019 and all refunds will be subject to an administrative fee of PHP 1,000 per transaction.
  3. No refunds will be accepted from 1 September 2019 onwards.
  4. *Students and staff of DepEd are required to show proof of enrollment / employment for processing of registration.

Symposium Venue

Henry Sy Sr. Innovation Center (HSSIC)
The Innovatrium
Miriam College

Katipunan Ave, Quezon City
1108 Metro Manila, Philippines

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